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About Us

WE DEVELOP is a hub for a wide array of development services, from actionable company development programs, to personal life mentoring and training. We aim to serve as a centre for developmental needs across the board, on the personal, and business level. Working with our team of executives we develop, goals and prospects for a better future, an action plan to be carried out with us, and then continued support monitoring and keeping up to date with progress.

Our Story

The idea for WE DEVELOP emerged during the COVID-19 crisis which began in 2020; while the entire world was at a standstill, we rediscovered a drive for development. The global lockdown forced a prolonged time of reflection in which we were reminded of the need to invest in each other as individuals, and the urgency of doing so.

Hassan Mokhtar Founder of WE DEVELOP, LLC designed the company to assimilate a whole array of development services under one hood with one main objective, developing a better future for all.

Hassan Mokhtar, Founder of WE DEVELOP LLC

Team Meeting

We employ a pool of executives, specialised in different development functions, and business fields. As a team we believe in leaving a legacy in all what we do, “ family, place, community & country”.

Our team

The company is founded on an extensive portfolio of past experience in different businesses and geographies both locally and regionally, mainly in the areas of food & beverage, agriculture and agriculture industries, consumer goods, insurance & retail. Our team has experience working in major companies including Procter & Gamble, Pepsi Foods, Coca-Cola, Citadel Capital, & AIG, across Egypt, Africa & the Middle East. 

On the people front, we draw from 30 years of experience working with individuals in consulting, strategy development and execution, and operational leadership, in start-ups, and large scale businesses alike. 

Our Mission

To become the hub for development for people, and businesses with the aim of setting individuals up on the right path to a future that's fit for them, and their communities. We aim to leave behind a legacy which inspires people to raise their communities, and strive for progress for all always.

Our Values


A healthy individual gives back to their community. In return a healthy community gives back to the individual.


We believe in being proud of progress, and developing confidence from owning your results.


Development is a lifestyle and is sustained through exercise.


Building relationships rather than transactions.

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